CKY An Answer Can Be Found

In a potentially historic communiqué, CKY guitarist Chad Ginsburg deemed the pre-CKY generation the "Generation Overdone” and announced CKY and their fans as revolutionaries of the new "Generation of Change.” If An Answer Can Be Found is that revolution’s manifesto (its title suggests as much), then the Generation of Change will ceaselessly endeavour to see skate punk transformed into slightly slower skate punk. For all their revolutionary zeal, guitarist/screed-writer Ginsburg, vocalist/guitarist Deron Miller, and drummer Jess Margera barely manage to reiterate, let alone reinvent the suburban skate punk wheel. Certain aspects of this album — the overwrought and grievous ballad "Don’t Hold Your Breath” in particular — seem calculated to cautiously expand the band’s audience beyond their core "sk8ter boi” following. However, nothing here runs the risk of alienating that crucial audience of marginally marginalised jackasses and wild boyz so relentlessly pandered to by drummer Jess’s little brother Bam, and so dearly needed to sustain the revolutionary Generation of Change in the name of CKY. (Island)