Civet Get Set for Love & War, Share New Single

Civet Get Set for <i>Love & War</i>, Share New Single
In case you didn't know, a civet isn't just ferocious, carnivorous animal. It's also a ferocious, carnivorous punk rock band from Los Angeles. Truth be told, we knew about the band before even hearing about the animal.

Overseen by gutsy guitarists/vocalists/siblings Liza Graves (guitar/vocals) and Suzi Carmichael, Civet, the band, have been carving out one hell of a niche for themselves over the past decade thanks to vicious vocal onslaughts, hyperactive energy and looks that devastate, if not kill. One can see how they initially garner comparison to all-female acts such as the Runaways, L7 and the Distillers but obliterate such connotations with their own ravenous albeit catchy prowess.

At that, they are finally set to issue fourth full-length and sophomore Hellcat release Love & War on February 22. Hitting store shelves on CD first and foremost, Hellcat notes that a vinyl version will be available at a later date.

Primed for its dispensation, Graves waxes enthusiastically in a statement, "Recording... was very liberating; we knew what we wanted and went for it! Our choruses are bigger and badder than the last record, coupled with blazing guitar solos and raw vocals everyone has come to love; that combination of Motörhead grit and '77 raw power. There are various influences that can be heard on all the songs, so the whole record doesn't reflect one particular era or genre. We weren't afraid to pull from all scopes of the musical spectrum when writing this record."

Interestingly, despite the popularity of previous record, 2008's Hell Hath No Fury, the duo opted to forgo a producer and record the album autonomously.

"We knew the vision we had for this record better than anybody, so we decided to go for it," notes Carmichael, while Graves adds that on the album, "Suzi and I not only found our voice, but we rediscovered our punk rock 'n' roll roots."

If you're curious as to what all this amounts to, you can check out the album's first single, "L.A. Nights," in the SoundCloud player below.

Love & War:

1. "Can't Go Back"
2. "L.A. Nights"
3. "Love & War"
4. "Come On (I Wanna Be Your Girl)"
5. "Sunset Strip"
6. "Summer Of Hate"
7. "Deadbeat"
8. "Buy My Love"
9. "Cryin' Wolf"
10. "It's The Truth"
11. "I'm Not The One"
12. "Go Underground"
13. "Reap What You Sow"
14. "You Get What You Pay For"

Civet - L.A. Nights by hellcatrecords