City and Colour Announces Remix Contest

City and Colour Announces Remix Contest
Considering City and Colour's third album, Little Hell, was released last week, there's no doubt a ton of Dallas Green fans either plunked themselves down at home near their computer speakers or walked around with their earbuds in, checking out the singer-songwriter's latest batch of plaintive tunes. Chances are high that some of those kids are musicians, too. Well, if they ever dreamed of collaborating with Green, now is their chance. City and Colour has just announced a remix contest for his latest single, "Fragile Bird."

A press release explains that fans can take a crack at the surprisingly rocking blues stomper however they want.

"Let your imagination run wild and transform the track to yet unheard of places in the sonic spectrum," the statement reads.

You want to give it the gauzy, chillwave treatment? Why not? You want to tag that tune with an old-school boom-bap beat? Sure.

The winner will take home a $1,000 prize and have their reinterpretation released officially by Green's Canadian label, Dine Alone Records. The two runner-ups will have their tracks showcased on the City and Colour website. You can get more info on the contest, which starts tomorrow (June 16), here.

In case you were wondering, clearly people have been picking up Green's latest platter. It's currently the No. 1 album on Canada's SoundScan charts. He's the first Canadian to debut at the top this year.