Citay Dream Get Together

Citay's third full-length record melds shades of Yo La Tengo, the Polyphonic Spree and the Beach Boys, gathering ostensibly disparate sounds, albeit no dream pop, to create an epic concoction. "Careful With That Hat" struts out of the gate, a sauntering guitar line flirting with keys and distortion before heaping vocals onto a psychedelic mishmash. Similarly, "Hunter" becomes a spaced-out jam session with plenty of acid-friendly fret-board wandering. "Tugboat" could devolve into Ryan Adams's "New York, New York," but turns into an indie Celtic ballad just in time, and the result is far too strange to be derivative. On the other hand, sunny day, group pop triumphs on "Dream Get Together" and "Fortunate Sun" mines pre-Pet Sounds Beach Boys territory to great effect. A diverse and playful fete, Dream Get Together is enthralling from start to finish. (Dead Oceans)