CIRAA Launches New Micro-Grant Program for Canadian Independent Artists

CIRAA Launches New Micro-Grant Program for Canadian Independent Artists
Given the dire state of physical music sales, an increasing number of artists rely on grants to fund their artistic endeavours. Now, Canuck musicians will have even more opportunities to earn some extra cash, as the Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association (CIRAA) just unveiled its Groundbreaker Grant program, which will hand out "micro-grants" for live performances.

Supported by XM Satellite Radio Canada, CIRAA will hand out $2,000 each month in the form of 20 mini-grants worth $100 each, with the program officially launching on May 1.

As for why the grants are being handed out for live shows, CIRAA explained in a press release, "In an era in which CD sales are no longer the driving force for most artists' careers, CIRAA believes that performing in front of an audience is more important than ever in terms of developing as an artist and building a fan-base."

To apply for the micro-grants, a musician has to be a member of CIRAA. Hopefuls fill out an online application each month, providing the details for each gig they played. They will then be entered into a lottery from which 20 grants will be awarded. Applicants can't receive multiple grants for playing the same venue, but they can win more than one grant in a month if eligible gigs are selected. An artist can receive a maximum of $1,200 in a year.

Each month, applications will be accepted from the first to the tenth. The winners will be announced the next business day. Go to CIRAA's website for more information.