CIMA Reveals Road Gold Certification to Honour Touring Bands

CIMA Reveals Road Gold Certification to Honour Touring Bands
The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) has launched a new initiative to recognize hard work and dedication it takes to make it as a touring band. Dubbed Road Gold, the new program was announced today (June 17) and kicked things off by presenting three bands with the inaugural honours.
USS, Big Wreck and Matt Andersen are the first recipients of the new certification. The artists were described in a press release as "Canada's rising stars" for their ability to "carve out their niche by hitting the road and filling venues from coast to coast."
"CIMA is excited to be driving an innovative way to recognize the deep talented pool of Canada's music community who've been able to grow their fan bases through successful touring," said CIMA president Stuart Johnston in a statement about the new program. "These road warriors who are being awarded the inaugural Road Gold certification are a testament to our industry's ability to hit the road and achieve high levels of success."
The aforementioned artists were selected for achieving a high level of ticket sales during their Canadian tours over a 12-month period. The new initiative intends to prove that artists can be marketable beyond the scope of how many albums they sell.
"Sales of recorded music do not tell the whole picture of an artist's achievements and stature in the marketplace," said Six Shooter Records president and CIMA chair Shauna de Cartier. "Establishing a standard measurement of an artist's touring business provides another relevant and important metric for quantifying success."
Jay Parsons of USS agrees with the sentiment, calling attendance at live shows the "true measure" of success. As for his reaction to receiving the Road Gold designation, he said: "We are honoured to be one of the first recipients of such an important award. As Canadian musicians, we have one of the most unforgiving touring circuits in the world, and to be recognized by CIMA for our efforts is truly humbling. Without our fans constantly supporting us in a live setting, absolutely none of this would be possible."