Ciara Announces 'One Woman Army' Album, "Sweat" Single

Ciara Announces 'One Woman Army' Album, 'Sweat' Single
In the two years since 2010's Basic Instinct, Atlanta pop/R&B star Ciara has slowed down her work ethic. She had a falling-out with Jive Records, announcing a relocation to Epic last year. Now, she's revealed plans for her first album on that label.

Speaking to MTV [via Rap-Up], Ciara revealed that her new album is nearing completion.

"It's called One Woman Army and you guys will be in for a treat very soon," she said. "My new single 'Sweat' will be coming as well... It's gonna make you sweat in all kinds of ways."

While other details for the album are scarce, some news has surfaced on the production. Boiling Point reports that Dianne Warren is attached as a songwriter, while Rap-Up revealed that "Niggas in Paris" hitmaker Hit-Boy did production on a song called "Hit Boy."

Stay tuned for more details on the album as they surface. Before she releases One Woman Army, though, Ciara will appear in the Andy Samberg/Adam Sandler flick That's My Boy.