Chuck Norris Experiment The Chuck Norris Experiment

When your band features members of Tiamat, Rickshaw and Taurus, one might believe that something so amusingly-dubbed as the Chuck Norris Experiment would be a well-planned, balls-out rock’n’roll experience akin to having the fuzz blasted off your Zeke shirt with a pummelling Orange amp and plenty of Vince Neil-inspired "whoo-hoos!” Alas, it isn’t so. The majority of songs here fall slightly under the bar of guttural Swedish punk rock’n’roll, limply pandering tired blues-inspired riffs over pseudo-quick pacing that feels like the band are grazing amongst Silver and Backyard Babies leftovers more than blazing a new path. Factor in that most songs are boring, uninspired and, especially in the case of epic third track "Radio Shadow,” clock in at twice the length of most of the genre’s contemporaries, and what we’ve got is a serious lack of moderation commingling with rampant mediocrity. (Devil Doll)