Chron Goblin "Fuller" (video)

Chron Goblin 'Fuller' (video)
Have a hankerin' for some stoney metal licks and a greasy slice of 'za? Well, then you may want to check out the intentionally cheesy, pepperoni-powered new music video from Calgary crew Chron Goblin. Their "Fuller" clip has just popped out of the oven and been put online.

No mere performance vid, the short film begins with the band ordering a pair of savoury, steamy pies to be sent their way ahead of a van trip. The real star of the show, though, is a jean jacket-clad delivery driver, whose customers also include a mix of military-minded burnouts, illicit cupcake makers, and a particularly hangry Lucha Libre wrestler.

You'll find the whole tasty package, replete with stomped-out rhythms and Grade A rawk riffs, down below. Bon Appetit!

"Fuller" comes from Chron Goblin's Backwater LP.