Chromosphere Red Candy

Brainchild of Kris Haelstrom, Chromosphere has laid down quite the eclectic blend of sounds on their new disc, Red Candy. Multi-dimensional and full of surprises, these local knob-twiddlers provide a wonderful blend of synths and samples with a touch of organic sound. Crystalline soundscapes come courtesy of Anne Sulikowski, easing the listener into "Floral Print," before the heavy-hitting phaser attack kicks in. Take cover under the cool "September Ice," where a full bass line and crisp synths hover. "Sun Room" melts the ice, allowing the refreshing breakbeat and gentle sitar to rise to the surface. Winding things down through a change of seasons, "Autumn... Just Around 3 a.m." is the perfect conclusion to a well-rounded album. Always nice and smooth. (Plan Eleven)