Chromatics Release 'Running From the Sun' and 'Drumless' on Vinyl

Chromatics Release 'Running From the Sun' and 'Drumless' on Vinyl
The fall has been built for Chromatics fans, with Johnny Jewel having rolled out numerous rarities online and announced the upcoming Dear Tommy full-length. If that weren't enough material to chew on, a pair of previously online-only efforts have also just been pressed onto vinyl by the post-disco team's Italians Do It Better imprint.

Up for sale now through the imprint's webstore are vinyl copies of the group's 2012 mixtape Running From the Sun and their Drumless version of Kill for Love.

Running From the Sun has arrived on semi-clear red vinyl. The record features eight exclusive tracks recorded between 2009 and 2011, including alternate versions of songs from Kill for Love and a cover of "Blue Moon." It also comes packaged with a 22"x34" "cinema poster" and a "giant" sticker.

Drumless's journey from the digital realm onto vinyl has seen the rhythm-stripping set chopped down a few numbers. Now clocking in with eight tracks, the collection has been pressed onto "opaque electric mint"-coloured vinyl. It too comes with a poster and a sticker.

You'll find the tracklisting info for both releases down below.

As for Dear Tommy, the new batch of tunes will land in time for Valentine's Day next year through Italians Do It Better. Jewel also has Glass Candy's Body Work LP and a Symmetry set called Still Life on the way, while his score for Ryan Gosling's feature Lost River will be unveiled in 2015.

Running From the Sun :

1. Dreaming In Color

2. Red Car
3. Kill For Love
4. Last Wish

5. Running From The Sun
6. Disintegration

7. These Streets Will Never Look The Same

8. Blue Moon

Kill for Love (Drumless):

1. The River

2. The Page

3. Lady

4. Kill For Love

5. Back From The Grave
6. At Your Door
7. A Matter Of Time

8. Into The Black