Chromatics "Red Car"

Chromatics 'Red Car'
As part of Scion's 10-year anniversary celebrations, we already got a new track by the Melvins, among others, but now for a change of pace, dark-pop titans Chromatics have lent a new song to the campaign.

The track is called "Red Car" and was apparently recorded at the same time as 2012's much-love Kill For Love. It's a definite slow burner, zeroing in on vocodered vocals, glacial beat-work, and eerie, eerie synth-play.

Check it out for yourself below.

Of course, if you're looking for more newly surfaced Chromatics material, you'd be wise to hunt down Italians Do It Better's stellar After Dark 2 comp.

Scion 10 includes new music from other artists such as ASG, White Hills, and Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud.