Christopher Rau Asper Clouds

Hamburg-based producer Christopher Rau releases his stunning debut album, Asper Clouds, on Smallville. Known for only a few twelve-inch releases on such labels as Gedankensport and Giegling, Asper Clouds delivers a cool, German, deep, minimal house know-how that slowly develops into one hour of idyllic beauty. "Ne Travaillez Jamais," originally released in 2009, is a favourite amongst the Dial label DJs. It was one of Christopher's deep grooving sets at the Ego nightclub in Hamburg that ignited the idea of a full-length album. Asper Clouds starts off with "A Line," a deep vocal track that fully incorporates the classic Detroit and Chicago house sounds. "Do Little" is a clean, melodic, effortless groove encompassing rich, encircling layers. Christopher Rau has a lush sense of, and knowledgeable take on, house, incorporating an inherent sense of groove with a clear vision for fundamentals. This is a superb release worthy of repeat listens. (Smallville)