Christiana Fatigue Kills

"Veteran” and "indie rock” are two phrases that seem awkward placed side by side — simply due to the genre’s short history — but the members of Christiana are about as close as you can get to old hands in the world of indie rock. Though Christiana as we know them have only existed for a scant two years, their members have been contributing to their scene for more than a decade now (through their previous incarnation as Neck and an obscenely long list of other projects). It’s this seasoned experience that makes Fatigue Kills one of the most concise and clearheaded offerings the genre has ever seen, as their collected influences have had ample time to seep in and solidify as one. The end result is a tremendous hybrid of ’60s-influenced pop and Sonic Youth-ian noise, sprinkled with hints of math rock, new wave and old school punk. For anyone that says the kids are the only ones making great rock music these days, all it takes is one go at Fatigue Kills to prove them wrong. (High School Champion)