Christian Wallumrød


Christian WallumrødPianokammer
Christian Wallumrød's previous ensemble work has featured admirable attention to the story as a whole as he integrates each piece into a coherent narrative, as well as a keen ear to the piano's ability to fulfil the roles of accompanist and soloist.
His methods have been maintained on this solo release, which sways back and forth from drone/swells and delays (using studio manipulations of acoustic piano) to gently rocking Norwegian blues and folk forms. The altered pieces ("Fahrkunst," "Second Fahrkunst" and "Ecofisk") bracket the familiar forms that follow, and establish an ambience that moves the listener alternatively from the otherworldly to familiarity.
This gives the listener an experience that is more about the music as a whole rather than an exposition of pianistic virtuosity. While this may be a comment on control, it is also demonstrative of a carefully considered means of expression. All in all, Pianokammer is a most satisfying work. (Hubro)
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