Christian Fennesz and Jon Wozencroft Release Film Collaboration 'Liquid Music'

Christian Fennesz and Jon Wozencroft Release Film Collaboration 'Liquid Music'
Sound-shaping guitar experimentalist Christian Fennesz will be releasing a new LP with his supergroup Fenn O'Berg next month, but that isn't stopping him from announcing another new project. This one is with multitalented artist Jon Wozencroft, and it's called Liquid Music.

This isn't your average album, mind you. It's actually a movie, which was filmed between 1995 and 2001. The soundtrack, made by Fennesz, reportedly comes from a live screening and performance from 2001 in Brighton, UK.

Wozencroft shot the footage in a variety of locations including Prague, Paxos, Crete, Cephalonia, Messinia, London and Monterey Bay. In a statement, he wrote, "The main idea was to film everything through the lens, with no post production other than the compilation of many years work into a coherent whole."

As the title suggests, it focuses on images of water.

According to the filmmaker, the flick has not been commercially released before now because the very fast-moving visuals meant that Liquid Music couldn't be accurately masted on DVD, so it could only be show during live screenings. Now, it's finally been released on a USB flash drive.

The 32-minute film is available for purchase through Touch. Watch a teaser clip below.

fennesz wozencroft "Liquid Music" [excerpt] from Touch on Vimeo.