Chris Waterton Overflow

A debut release from CDR and photocopied liner-note label Primary Electronic, which features the work of Edmonton, AB-based Chris Waterton. Listening to CDR demo material by emerging artists is a bit like sifting for gold; indeed, much of the material is raw and unrefined, but a couple of nuggets were procured. There would be no reason to pay attention to Overflow if it weren't for two tracks, "Polite Notice" and "Noise Complaint," which are the most seamless tracks and can function as good minimal techno ideally suited to a vinyl format. All the material on this CD is based around a standard house rhythm, with variations explored between the beats. So, glimmers of promise seem to be there, yet rarely is everything perfect the first run of an indie release. In this case, I would caution the producer (and others), despite the subjective words of a reviewer, to follow your own instincts. That being said, it would not hurt if Waterton spent more time mastering his tracks for future releases to better showcase his hard earned sounds. (Primary Electronic)