Chris Taylor's Terrible Records Enters Joint Deal with XL

Chris Taylor's Terrible Records Enters Joint Deal with XL
Grizzly Bear member Chris Taylor's Terrible Records is about to get a boost via a new worldwide distribution deal with indie titan XL.

Billboard reports that Taylor and Terrible co-founder Ethan Silverman's first release under the partnership will be Australian new wave artist Kirin J Callinan's Embracism LP, which arrives July 2. A minimum of two other releases are included in the deal, though it's uncertain at present just which records those will be.

The distribution deal is intended to promote lesser-known artists on Terrible, like recent signing Empress Of, Brooklyn musician Lorely Rodriguez or UK contemporary R&B players Kindness.

"We're focusing on artists that we both are really excited about that Terrible might need some help with either financially or in terms of the rest of the world," Silverman explained. "Right now the label is just Chris and I, so to have a team that you enjoy working with and that you know is going to be excited about every project was really important to us. This felt like the right fit."

He continued: "I've been a huge fan of XL for a long time, and to have their machine at our disposal was a really good deal for us."

Terrible has also issued material from Solange, Twin Shadow, Blood Orange and more.