Chris de Luca and Peabird Deadly wiz da Disko

Deadly wiz da Disko is hip-hop thrown through the modern digital signal processing styles of abstract producers. A gratuitous Prefuse 73 namedrop/comparison is probably required, so let's say Chris de Luca and Peabird are funkier and have a fuller, more metallic sound. This is not surprising, since Chris de Luca is one half of Funkstörung. So, a comparison to Luke Vibert's freewheeling sampling ethic and studio trickery is probably much more accurate. Over 12 tracks they drop a suitably wide variety of hip-hop beats, chopped up, stuttered, and filtered. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, or contain sampled vocals chopped up and processed into bits. A few guest vocalists appear, notably Beans, of the now defunct Anti-Pop Consortium. Some of the best tracks are the perfectly-titled "Sooperglitcher," and the title track of the album. A couple of tracks are certainly danceable, such as "Interlude" and "Keep This In Mind." I fear this album may get lost somewhere between the Neptunes' minimalism and DJ Shadow's soulful '70s samples, which is a shame, since it's worth a listen. (!K7)