Chris Dadge / Rachael Wadham 100 Silk Buttons from the Room Upstairs

Percussionist Chris Dadge from Calgary and pianist/broken instrument stimulator Rachael Wadham from Vancouver met at a music workshop in the summer of 2006. As these things often go, a planned gig with another musician turned into a duo, which resonated with the characteristic small sounds vibe captured on this hand-packaged CD-R from the Bug Incision label. The two musicians make the most of their mainly short tracks, many of which clock in at less than three minutes. These short duration forays often hinge on a combination of clacking high-end sounds and stabbing pianism, or throbbing, muffled skins and tentative tinkles. The general effect is to focus the listener’s attention on the ephemeral "now-ness” of the instrumental interplay. Dadge and Wadham don’t seem interested in creating repeatable structures but concern themselves with producing in-the-moment intersections that are valuable in and of themselves. (Bug Incision)