Chris Connelly and the Bells Blonde Exodus

Warning: old school Connelly fans (circa Revco/Ministry) may suffer mild to profuse cramping and sweating. The more open-minded of you might enjoy this not-so-familiar, more relaxed, pop-inspired state of comfort that Connelly seems to be in. Vocally, there's a bit of a Bowie thing going on - so much so that in some moments it's quite eerie, and Connelly's lusciously deep voice is a wonderful vehicle for telling these tales of love and loves lost. The songs are very emotive; they'd make a great companion to that bottle of red wine you've been saving for one of those lonely nights at home on your own. But there is another side of this disc that has a more upbeat Britpop feel to it, suggesting Suede, perhaps. Not a bad listen really, nice for those days where noisy doom and gloom just won't do. (Invisible)