Chris Brown and Kate Fenner Great Lakes Bootleg

Recorded live while opening for the Tragically Hip's 2000 tour, this collection of rather prolifically penned numbers, from former Bourbon Tabernacle Choir stalwarts Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, rips through the seams with passion. Their approach (along with band members Tony Shear, Michael Mazor and Ben Reuben, as well as a contribution by the Hip's Paul Langlois) gives an idealistically loose and driving feel to the music instead of the usual sense of confinement that most veterans emit. The internally probing lyrics of Brown are accented by Fenner's highly distinguished and professionally rustic voice. As a vocal duo (highlighted by the addition of a previously unreleased studio version of "Pendulum Swing"), their partnership lends a soulful impression, similar to that of the Kantner/Slick collaborations of '70s era Jefferson Airplane. Incredibly mature, simple and thoughtful. (Outside)