Chris Brann No Room For Form

There are precious few instances in life when predictability seems like a blessing. Montreal's Bombay Records, a suavely brilliant label largely dedicated to house music and its various sub-genres is an apt instance of predictable pleasure delivered without fail. So it's no surprise that the talented label boys have conjured up their newest delight from the Bombay catalogue of goodies. For offer are the chameleon-like skills of prized DJ/producer Chris Brann. The Atlanta native has over the years shaped a particularly unique soulful house sound that lends a new strand to the cornucopia of house tracks present. Never stopping at one project, he began with Wamdue - an appropriately pro-active statement to suit his approach to music making, as it stands for "What I'm Gonna Do?" In addition, the prolific producer has started projects to support his Afro-Brazilian inclinations, as well as other side efforts that push the genre envelope degrees further. No Room For Form is his debut release, a collection of cool but lush house tracks that combine engaging, subtle melodies while pushing the layers of beats to the forefront. The years of studied experience show in the album, as it flows seamlessly. The songs are infectious, with the right mix of heady beats and sensual calm that have an almost narcotic effect on the body and soul. Like his endless list of pseudonyms that allows for indefinite musical experimentations, the songs maintain an overall danceable mood while always shifting a little, so surprises are around the corner. Encouragingly, Bombay Records pushed to get "So In Love" and "Only Be With You" released as singles on a twelve-inch so the gospel of Brann's music would be spread. This album is a fitting finale to their enthusiasm and, hopefully, the start of more albums from Brann on the Montreal label. (Bombay)