Chocolat Chocolat

Chocolat’s self-titled EP is a strong offering from the Montreal band that specialise in a hypnotic brand of francophone psychedelic pop. Blasts of organ, high strutting rhythms and off-kilter melodies form the basis for a number of the songs on the disc. "Le Monde est Vert” launches the record with sharp, tuneful hooks, while "Johnny Depp” offers an upbeat, ramshackle tribute to Hollywood’s richest pirate. Despite its brevity, the EP encompasses a range of songwriting. "Aime Moi” conveys more reserved, ballad-like leanings and "Magalie” lurches with highly catchy riffs and a wonderfully inebriated shuffle. With its stoned grooves, infectious tunefulness and solid musical variety, Chocolat’s EP offers consistently engaging listening.

(Dry and Dead, (Dry and Dead)