Chinese Democracy To Be Sold Exclusively At Wal-Mart and Best Buy?

<i>Chinese Democracy</i> To Be Sold Exclusively At Wal-Mart and Best Buy?
Since most of Axl Rose’s allegedly "mastered, finished" Chinese Democracy leaked back in June, things have been a bit quiet in the GN’R camp. However, according to a report by Billboard, the 14-years-in-the-making album may be here sooner than you think — and only at either Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

Several sources have told Billboard that negotiations are underway for Chinese Democracy to be an exclusive at one of the big-box retailers and that the record could be out as soon as this fall. Also, the negotiations are reported to have "conventional record company distribution” (no "pulling a Radiohead”?).

Neither Guns N’ Roses’ label Interscope or management firm Front Line have commented on the proposed exclusive, but the band’s manager Irving Azoff has a long history of releasing albums as big-box exclusives. Azoff put out both the Eagles’ Long Road Out of Eden exclusively through Wal-Mart and he plans to do the same with AC/DC's next album, much to annoyance of other retailers.

There is also no word yet on whether Dr. Pepper will be signing an exclusive with Wal-Mart or Best Buy to distribute free soda when Chinese Democracy does finally hit the shelves.

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