Chilly Gonzales Details 'Solo Piano II'

Chilly Gonzales Details 'Solo Piano II'
Chilly Gonzales had already revealed plans to drop Solo Piano II later this year through Arts & Crafts, but now the busy pianist/rapper/entertainer has confirmed the details of his latest full-length, which will be out on August 28.

The album was recorded during a ten-day session at Studio Pigalle in Paris. A press release describes the session as "the purest and most microscopic process of recording," as Gonzales "played all the songs over and over and over again, until each one's essence had been captured." This resulted in 14 new tracks. See the titles below.

Scroll past the tracklist to listen to a two-minute album preview called the "Solo Piano II Piano Vision Medley." The video shows a shot of Chilly's hands as he gives us a taste of what to expect from the full-length.

Solo Piano II:

1. White Keys
2. Kenaston
3. Minor Fantasy
4. Escher
5. Rideaux Lunaires
6. Nero's Nocturne
7. Venitian Blinds
8. Evolving Doors
9. Epigram in E
10. Othello
11. Train of Thought
12. Wintermezzo
13. La Bulle
14. Papa Gavotte