Children Of Technology It's Time to Face the Doomsday

These Italian skids have a serious hard-on (or, in the case of the female drummer… ah, forget it) for all things post-apocalyptic, and the ludicrous degree to which they pursue this theme on this debut full-length suits the over-the-top nature of the tunes. The 25 minutes are a non-stop and fully enjoyable romp through stupid Lemmy worship, d-beat punk, sloppy '80s thrash and extremely rad song titles like "Nuclear Armed Dogs." Indeed, fun is rarely as fun as this. And, notably, stupid is rarely as stupid. This is full-on, after-the-apocalypse, drunk-on-gasoline, Mad Max shit that would make even the dude who runs Toxic Holocaust Inc. freak out and hide in a bunker for the next decade. Because even though it borders on novelty, how can anything that sounds like Discharge, Celtic Frost and Tankard and Venom and has a 25-minute running time be anything but admirable? It can't. Horns up. (Hells Headbangers)