Childish Gambino / Chance the Rapper Echo Beach, Toronto ON July 31

Childish Gambino / Chance the Rapper Echo Beach, Toronto ON July 31
Photo: Sarah Murphy
We know by now that former 30 Rock writer and Community star Donald Glover's Childish Gambino alias is no longer a "side-project," but a full-on priority for the guy, and his rescheduled "Camp Gambino" tour date in Toronto proved that.

The four-month delay meant that originally scheduled opener Danny Brown was absent, opting instead for 19-year-old Chicago spitter Chance the Rapper. With a much lower public profile, the young'n tried to impress with covers of Kanye West's "All Falls Down" and Gambino's own "They Don't Like Me," but failed to make any really memorable impressions from his own material.

The energy at Echo Beach picked up significantly when Gambino and his live band walked out through a purple haze and launched into Camp track "Outside," followed by most recent single "Fire Fly." Despite busting it out super early in the set, viral hit "Freaks and Geeks" got a massive crowd response, as Glover thrashed furiously across the stage.

The setlist relied heavily on Camp material, though a medley of oldies from Cul De Sac made an appearance too. The delayed date meant that Gambino also had his recent Royalty mixtape material to draw from, which he did during the encore. Joined by his little brother Steve G. Lover, the rhyming duo blew through "It May Be Glamour Life," "One Up" and highlight "Unnecessary" from the new tape.

Gambino repeatedly returned the love that Toronto was showing, dropping references to the Blue Jays and Raptors during a freestyle and continuing his tradition of changing the ending to "Heartbeat" -- this time to something about getting a blowjob in Toronto. He closed out the encore with just as much energy as he started with (but less clothing), delivering a killer rendition of "Lights Turned On" from EP before the lights did just that, ushering everyone back into the city.

Childish Gambino's rap game may have its detractors, but the dude knows how to put on a fun live show and that's what everybody at Echo Beach got.