Childish Gambino Booed Off Stage in Australia

Childish Gambino Booed Off Stage in Australia
He may be a rapper, actor, comedian and writer, but Childish Gambino didn't manage to impress an audience in Newcastle, Australia, who opted to boo him off the stage when he didn't offer up a traditional performance.

As the Guardian reports, the artist born Donald Glover performed as part of an "ensemble DJ set," sharing the stage of the Cambridge Hotel with multiple other performers. The set did not jibe with audience members, who felt the abbreviated performances was not what they were promised. As a result, they heckled the artist and shouted obscenities.

They also brought their complaints to the venue's Facebook page, claiming that the venue had misled them about the show. Its poster featured a large photo of Glover, along with a specific set time.

Show promoter Marcus Wright claims he too expected a full set from Glover. Speaking with Guardian Australia, he said a full set was in order "as per the contract that we have signed, honoured and paid for. There are no words in the contract about a DJ set." The venue also released a statement on Facebook, apologizing for the misunderstanding and again putting the blame on Glover.

On Twitter, however, someone pointed to an advertisement for Childish Gambino's Sydney show, which clearly labels it as a DJ set with an appearance from the rapper. That one went off without incident, suggesting whoever made the Newcastle event poster is the real person to blame for the mix-up.

Either way, Donald Glover has likely moved on to bigger things. While in Australia, he stopped by Triple J for an in-studio performance which you can view below. And today (October 2), his new movie The Martian hits theatres.