Child Abuse Cut And Run

Child AbuseCut And Run
There's genre bending and genre obliterating. Subscribing to (and almost redefining) the latter, NYC's Child Abuse once again smash any preconception of their intentions with sophomore full-length Cut And Run, a hyperactive onslaught of insanity and mayhem that could cause a brain to haemorrhage. Buzzing around the same frenzied style that has made cohorts such as Pig Destroyer, the Locust and Psyopus household names in the metal community, this power trio utilize strange vocal patterns, sharp noises, aggressive, technical rhythms and various unusual samples, pedals and synthesizers to formulate what can only be described as obtuse noise jazz grind. While it sounds free-form at that, one can tell, with the odd time signatures, riff counts and general freakishness going on, this has to be some incredibly calculated music. Naturally, its eccentric nature will push many away, but for those who feel drawn in, be wary you aren't another moth flying dangerously close to the insane, explosive flame of Child Abuse. (Lovepump United)