!!! THR!!!ER

Getting an Eno to produce your album is a surefire way to extract a distinctive quality from your music. With Brian, you get something ethereal and translucent, but when you enlist Jim, expect something more concrete and indulgent. Working with the latter Eno (the Spoon drummer and producer extraordinaire), !!! have crafted THR!!!ER, their crispest, cleanest and most infectious album to date. By placing a much greater emphasis on uncomplicated beats and traditional rhythms, the Sacramento sextet find themselves easing through de facto melodies and sleek electro-funk tones. Although songs like "Get That Rhythm Right" and "Except Death" still posses chromatic, Motorik tempos, the band rely heavily on live instrumentation to create each track's core groove, while Nic Offer's vocals have become even more rubbery, mischievous and downright bat-shit crazy. On THR!!!ER, !!! have finally found a happy medium between playful and goofy, epic and bloated, tongue-in-cheek and just plain chic. (Warp)