!!! "One Girl/One Boy"

!!! 'One Girl/One Boy'
!!! drop their new dance-ready platter Thr!!!er on April 30 through Warp, but the indie-funkists have wriggled out another teaser track ahead of the due date via the relationship number "One Girl/One Boy."

The dance track features steady tambourine hits, a disco pulse and limber, multi-note fretboard runs that altogether collude into one of the band's funkiest outings yet. The floor-geared love track, meanwhile, features some soulful guest vocal work from former Hammer collaborator Sonia Moore.

"We knew she had sang with MC Hammer and Rafael [Cohen, bassist] kept singing the 'hey hey' part from 'Too Legit To Quit' and we were wondering if that was who was really coming by," producer Jim Eno said in a statement. "That was basically the first thing we asked her and she said, 'Hey, Hey. Yeah, that's me.'"

As previously reported, !!! are ready to take their new tunes out on the road, with Canadian dates booked in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal this June.