Chief Keef "Fuck Rehab" (ft. Big Glo) (video)

Chief Keef 'Fuck Rehab' (ft. Big Glo) (video)
Troubled rap teen Chief Keef doesn't think too highly of rehab. At least, that seems to be the message of his latest single, which is called "Fuck Rehab" and has gotten a new music video.

The video begins with footage of Keef's speeding arrest from last year. It then shows the rapper lounging around on the couch. He points a gun at the camera and raises his middle finger, but mostly he smokes up and raps about how much he hates rahab. We also see shots of the MC getting stuffed in a car and ultimately fleeing.

The clip ends with the words "to be continued," suggesting that there's more rehab drama to come in subsequent videos.

The song is available on iTunes.