Chief Keef "Ain't Missing You"

Chief Keef 'Ain't Missing You'
At one point, Chief Keef said he was going to release his long-awaited Bang 3 LP tomorrow (July 3). Whether or not that happens is yet to be seen, but here's what we do know — the rapper has just dropped an uplifting pop-rap country song.

No, you didn't read that wrong. "Ain't Missing You" has some country twang, some sing-along vocals, some melancholy lyrics and a driving, radio-ready guitar sound not unlike Puff's "I'll Be Missing You." It's simultaneously terrible and wonderful, the sort of weirdo pop anthem that's easy to obsess over.

If you're down with Chief Keef gone country, you can stream "Ain't Missing You" below [courtesy of Fake Shore Drive]. The song will reportedly appear on the rapper's next album, though who knows which album or when it will arrive.