Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All!

here is something about three German girls making strange, undanceable dance music that really appeals to me. Not surprisingly, Chicks On Speed are from Germany; especially when you hear their thick, lovely accents (see "Kaltes Klares Wasser"). But wait, are they German? At times their English is impeccable. What matters is the music, which is about as weird today as Kraftwerk would have been in the '70s. Really complex and erratic beats, the simplest of keyboard riffs and some of the most basic lyrics any kid has written before makes up Will Save Us All!. Understanding this trio is not an option. Try listening to "Glamour Girl," an ode to Madonna's cheesiest moments from the '80s, sung by a girl who sounds like Kirsten Dunst. Probably the two most entertaining moments are the covers of the Normal's "Warm Leatherette" and Cracker's "Eurotrash Girl." Two songs that don't seem bizarre coming from this group. "Warm Leatherette" is as dark and uncomfortable as the original and "Eurotrash Girl" is, well, definitely not Cracker's anymore. And the Chicks even have a couple of songs for the boys, titled "For All The Boys In The World" and "Give Me Back My Man." Chicks On Speed are everything the top of the charts should be: fun, odd, for boys and girls, and definitely willing to save us all from whatever threatens the current state of music. (EFA)