Cherry Valence Riffin'

Fuck ya! This is the shit. Riffin'. Ya! Unpretentious, catchy, melodic, fresh, heavy and fun are all words that spring to mind after just a few songs of this great album. The Cherry Valence plays classic '70s-style boogie rock with a garage-y attitude. Think very early Ted Nugent, like "Storm Troopin'" or Free For All, played by people who probably weren't alive when those records came out. The resulting music sounds strangely like early-ish Urge Overkill stuff like "The Candidate" or "Bionic Revolution," which blast like fuck, so that's a-okay with this rock soldier. If you hear only one rock song this year make it the absolutely perfect showstopper "Sweat, Sweat, Sweat (All Over You)." People talk about how great it is that the Hives and White Stripes are getting mainstream airplay, which it is, but if programmers had any real balls they'd make "Sweat..." the frickin' party anthem of the summer. If you don't like this record, I probably wouldn't get along with you very well. (Estrus)