Cherry Blaster "Demo Reel"

Cherry Blaster 'Demo Reel'
Toronto-based singer-songwriter Cherry Blaster has unveiled a brand new track called "Demo Reel."
Appropriately enough, it hears her trying out new sounds; moving away from the darker electronic sounds of her previous releases and towards a brighter, indie-pop-leaning vibe.
The track hears project mastermind Iulia Ciobanu reflecting on her tendency to hide behind walls in social situations.
"'Demo Reel' paints a picture of what I initially feel from this vantage point," she tells Exclaim! "The earnest desire to be accepted that comes before the envy that then morphs into a fortifying yet toxic cynicism."
Or, as she also puts it, "the age old 'If they don't need me, I don't need them' attitude."
Listen to the infectious synth-pop cut in the player below.