Chelsea Wolfe "The Waves Have Come" (video)

Chelsea Wolfe 'The Waves Have Come' (video)
Gothic soundscaper Chelsea Wolfe has let loose another preview of her Lone film, showing us an excerpt of what to expect with a video for her Pain Is Beauty cut "The Waves Have Come."

Like the recently uncovered "Feral Love" track, this latest video is also apparently an excerpt from the 52-minute film that Wolfe co-wrote. It was directed by Mark Pellington, who previously handled music videos for Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and more.

As you'll see down below, the scene finds Wolfe coolly crooning her lines in a crimson room, with a piano player accompanying her with sorrowful melodies. As the dramatic tune plays on, stock footage of animal attacks, natural disasters, sonograms, family vacations at the beach and mushroom cloud explosions are further threaded into the experience.

"Most of this video is footage from the first time Mark and I shot together — he had built this dark room full of green ivy and it was just me, the dress from the album cover, a few lights, and him," Wolfe explained to V Magazine. "It was the first time I realized what a director really is. Suddenly he was shouting, guiding me with instructions, emotions, telling me to act as if everything I was singing about — disaster and the loss of life and love — that it was all inside of me and at the same time to act as an observer of these things. He cut it together with found footage of families, intense nature and destruction and created this cathartic journey through it all."