Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare

Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare
Chelsea Grin could end up being the Slayer of deathcore. Virtually no other band has been as consistent or as dedicated to this breakdown-loving scene. As Whitechapel and Suicide Silence have become more listenable and unlistenable (respectively), it's up to Chelsea Grin to carry the ear gauge torch into the next decade.
Founding vocalist Alex Koehler exited the band this year, along with guitarists Dan Jones and Jake Harmond — the kind of upheaval that would destroy most groups. Now a four-piece, and headed by ex-Lorna Shore frontman Tom Barber, it's time to see if Chelsea Grin can make it past the biggest change of their career.
And they have. Eternal Nightmare isn't just the best deathcore album of the last several years, it might be the best thing Chelsea Grin have ever released. Every track, from "Dead Rose" to the self-titled closer, burns with the same passion the band had on their seminal debut, Desolation of Eden. Old tricks, like the "ough!" noises that precede most breakdowns, are offset by Ministry-like industrial sounds on "The Wolf" and unexpected symphonic tendencies on "Across the Earth." Fans of Vein and Fleshgod Apocalypse have found their new ear candy.
Striking just the right balance between old and new, Chelsea Grin have delivered a masterpiece. Anything less then a total rejuvenation at this point would be a damn shame. (Rise Records)