Check Out Unknown, Lemmy and I Am Number Four in This Week's Film Roundup

Check Out <i>Unknown</i>, <i>Lemmy</i> and <i>I Am Number Four</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
During this past week, thousands of eager lemmings ran out to chocolatiers and florists looking to prove their affections through carbohydrates and dead plants. Similarly, thousands of people ran out to see Just Go With It. Perhaps this weekend you might have better luck of catching something of quality by first checking out the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.

Three years ago, the irresponsible but highly entertaining Taken blasted into theatres, filling that February void with European car chases and excess ass kicking. This year, Liam Neeson is back with another off-season actioner in the form of Unknown (pictured). Only time will tell if it finds the same box office success as its polemical France-based predecessor. But in the interim, you can read our review to see if the action is just as propulsive in Germany.

Also taking the action route is Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso's latest stab at studio mediocrity, I Am Number Four, which our reviewer promises is a "fun, light sci-fi adventure" about pretty teenage aliens hiding out on earth, waging secret battles and whatnot.

On the documentary front, we have a review of Lemmy, which is, of course, about Motörhead frontman Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister. Giving a background on his career and influential status while sharing interviews with colleagues and friends, this doc gives us a peek at the "poster-beast for the real holy trinity of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll." But does it tell us anything new or feature any in-depth investigation? Read our review to find out.

We also have a review of the Canadian-made Small Town Murder Songs from Toronto native Ed Gass-Donnelly. This "gothic, human drama" follows Peter Stormare through a murder investigation in a small Ontario Mennonite community that brings up demons from his past.

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