Check Out Reviews of Thurston Moore, Cave In, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Amon Tobin and More in Our New Release Roundup

Check Out Reviews of Thurston Moore, Cave In, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Amon Tobin and More in Our New Release Roundup
Welcome back to yet another great new release Tuesday. As per usual, we have a brand new heap of reviews up to inform you about some of the albums that dropped today. Here's just a look at what you can find in our Recently Reviewed section.

First off, Cave In are back with their new album White Silence. This is their first full-length in five years, so anticipation for this release has piled high. Check out the review to find out if the album lives up to expectations.

Next up, we have Efrim Manuel Menuck, who's best known as a member of the two heavyweight bands, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion. With his new solo release, Plays "High Gospel," he brings us everything from electric guitar to simple, stripped-down piano on eight highly personal tracks. Also, Thurston Moore has finally unveiled his Exclaim!-approved Demolished Thoughts, which finds the Sonic Youth member getting soft and tender with Beck at the production wheel.

And it's a pretty big week for electronic releases. First, there's the sophomore album from synth duo Mist. The pair have a lot to live up to, what with Sam Goldberg's stellar solo career and John Elliott's work with Emeralds. Read the review to find out why we called House "their finest moment so far." In a similar vein, we also have the self-titled debut from Brooklyn, NY trio Forma, who has managed to remind music fans that Krautrock, when done right, never has to go out of style.

Meanwhile, not only do we have a review of Amon Tobin's album Isam, his envelope-pushing seventh release on Ninja Tune, but we also have a short Q&A with the man himself where he tells us about the different creative approaches he took to make this album.

Then we have a write-up of Aaron Funk's latest release as Venetian Snares. Cubist Reggae may be a collection of his most accessible work to date, but that doesn't mean you should write it off just yet.

And to tie up our look at electronic reviews is Stone Breaker by Mark E. Accompanying this review is a chat we had with the Birmingham artist about the dance community in his hometown and his dreams of working with Prince.

Now to take it down a notch, we have Kate Maki and her new country folk album Moonshine. Find out what happens when Maki enlists a talented group of musicians (including members of Cuff the Duke and Minotaurs) to bang out an album in just two days in Sudbury, ON.

Check out these reviews and more at the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section, and visit the New and Forthcoming Release Dates page to see what's coming up in the near future.