Check Out Reviews of Chad VanGaalen, Austra, Face to Face and More in This Week's New Release Roundup

Check Out Reviews of Chad VanGaalen, Austra, Face to Face and More in This Week's New Release Roundup
Now that Monday's behind us, we can all rejoice on yet another great new release Tuesday. Curious about what you can find in stores and online today? Well, we have a ton of new reviews up to help you out. Here's just a little look at some of the write-ups that you can find over in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.

First off, it took a while but Chad VanGaalen has finally released the follow-up to 2009's Soft Airplane: Diaper Island. Has VanGaalen managed to top himself? Check out the review to find out and read our accompanying interview with VanGaalen, who sheds light on the years of trial and error that made this the record that it is.

Over on the debut album front, we have Austra and their anticipated release, Feel It Break. This may be their first record together, but the trio are definitely no strangers to making great music. But do they live up to those high expectations? Read the review and find out.

Then we have Face to Face and their newest album Laugh Now, Laugh Later, which marks the pop punk outfit's first release since 2002's How to Ruin Everything. London, UK trio Let's Wrestle are also back with their sophomore release Nursing Home, so head over to the review to see how they fared.

We also have the Exclaim!-recommended Own Your Ghost, the latest from Anticon supergroup 13 & God. Made up of German rockers the Notwist and California hip-hop duo Themselves, this unlikely (but enjoyable) mash-up has gone from sounding like two different entities to developing one cohesive sound. And last, but not least, are Arsonists Get All The Girls with their newest release. The band have been releasing individual songs from Motherland for months now, but be sure to read the review to find out how well they go together as a complete album.

Check out these reviews and more at the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section, and visit the New and Forthcoming Release Dates page to see what's coming up in the near future.