Check Out Reviews of Ben Folds, Future Islands, Crooked Fingers and More in Our New Release Roundup

Check Out Reviews of Ben Folds, Future Islands, Crooked Fingers and More in Our New Release Roundup
Now that our Thanksgiving long weekend is over, we're officially getting back in the swing of things. It's Tuesday, which means that has reviewed the week's most anticipated new albums is our Recently Released section this week.

Today, piano pop hero Ben Folds dropped his career-spanning Best Imitation of Myself, a triple-disc set that brings together much-loved hits with deep cuts and obscure collaborations. Most excitingly, it features unheard material from Ben Folds Five including three newly recorded reunion cuts.

In other retrospective releases, death metal heroes Nile released Worship the Animal - 1994: The Lost Recordings. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a "five-song clunker," and one of the songs is so bad we question whether it's even actually Nile. We also heard a long-lost live album from Roedelius, Plays Piano. This functionally titled piano performance was recorded in 1985, and "the only shame is that we had to wait 26 years for its release."

As for brand new LPs, the much-buzzed Future Islands dropped their new album On the Water. We praised the record for its '80s-tinged sense of melodrama and suggested that it "might just creep onto a few year-end best-of lists." Another gorgeous album came our way in the form of Crooked Fingers' Breaks in the Armor. This folksy outfit, led by Archers of Loaf singer Eric Bachmann, offers "richly layered arrangements and intimate framework."

Electronic music fans will want to check out Ghost People, the latest from Dutch DJ Martyn. The dubstep pioneer showcases his rhythmic flair and gives us a taste of stellar electronica that will hopefully make us forget about that planned Korn dubstep album. There are also plenty of great rhythms on Rustie's Glass Swords, which offers "chillwave without the 'chill.'" Sure, Rustie's a bit of a one-trick-pony, but "that one trick is perfect."

Lastly, hard-to-categorize metalheads Skelenwich just dropped their latest album, Forever Abomination. They aren't forging any new ground on this one, but who cares when they still have so many good riffs to melt our faces with.

Read these reviews, plus many more, in our Recently Released section this week at, and visit the New and Forthcoming Release Dates page to see what's coming up in the near future.

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