Check Out Reviews of 'The Artist,' 'The Sitter' and 'New Year's Eve' in Our Film Roundup

Check Out Reviews of 'The Artist,' 'The Sitter' and 'New Year's Eve' in Our Film Roundup
If you're thinking of heading out to the movies this weekend, let Exclaim! help you decide what's worth checking out. Read full reviews of the following picks in our Recently Reviewed section.

First up is director Michel Hazanavicius's ambitious throwback film The Artist (pictured). It tells the story of a silent film star whose career begins to slip when "the talkies" start to gain popularity and the rising Hollywood starlet gains fame through motion pictures with sound. The film itself is a silent, black and white flick and leading man Jean Dujardin delivers a winning performance.

Lightening the mood, Jonah Hill stars in The Sitter, opening this weekend. The comedy places Hill in the titular role, and naturally, he encounters a variety of absurd and amusing obstacles while babysitting. Also out this week is New Year's Eve, which follows in Valentine's Day's footsteps and merges a million plot lines featuring A-list actors in a sappy, predictable rom-com.

If radical academia is more your thing, Paul Goodman Changed My Life debuts this week and serves as a biographical film about the New York City "intellectual elite" in the '50s and '60s.

Finally, Werner Herzog's documentary Into the Abyss tells Michael Perry's story from the subject's perspective, with the footage collected when Perry is only eight days away from execution. While it is a fairly reserved work from Herzog, "there is a potency to it that won't easily be forgotten," according to our reviewer.

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