Check Out Reviews of Antony and the Johnsons, PS I Love You, Mark McGuire and More in New Release Tuesday

Check Out Reviews of Antony and the Johnsons, PS I Love You, Mark McGuire and More in New Release Tuesday
New Release Tuesday has rolled around once again and we here at have reviews of the freshly minted albums lining the shelves of music stores this week. Check them all out by clicking through to our Recently Reviewed music section.

First, indie rock upstarts PS I Love You have released their hotly anticipated debut album Meet Me at the Muster Station. Read the review to find out why the energetically joyful ten-song collection has earned the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence. Next, Antony and the Johnsons have been experimenting in the studio and come back with Swanlights, a sonically layered collection of songs that mark a departure from their more austere musical roots. And hey, you can even listen to the record right now on Just click here for the full-album stream.

Those of you who grew up with Sleater-Kinney will be happy to note that the band's guitarist/vocalist is heading a new musical project entitled the Corin Tucker Band. On 1,000 Years, a self-described "middle-aged mom record," Tucker remains loyal to her hard-edged vocal stylings as she sings about everything from love to leading a family in today's uncertain economic climate. Speaking of hard-edged vocal stylings, Bring Me the Horizon have a new collection of intense thrash rock called There Is a Hell, Believe Me, I've Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret.

As he currently wraps up a fall tour opening for Caribou as part of the guitar-and-synth trio Emeralds, Mark McGuire has been taking advantage of all the positive buzz by recording and releasing a new solo record. Living with Yourself is an exercise in seamless production, as well as another chance for McGuire to show off his impressive guitar skills. And finally, make sure to check out our review of Gonjasufi's The Caliph's Tea Party. It's a remix album composed of songs from A Sufi and a Killer, the project's former much-praised record.

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