Check Out New Tracks From High On Fire, Kingdom, Janelle Monáe and More in Click Hear

Check Out New Tracks From High On Fire, Kingdom, Janelle Monáe and More in Click Hear
The midseason blues have set in, and people are moving frustratingly slow lately, but we're still game to keep the party pulsing. Head over to the Exclaim! Click Hear section for a steady supply of beats that'll keep your energy high as we push through the last week of this, the most depressing month of the year.

For a triple wammy, bounce around with the '90s house-styled CFCF remix of Brooklyn DJ Kingdom's "Mindreader," featuring pro vocals by Shyvonne. And if you're looking for an outlet for your hypothermic fury, pump up "Frost Hammer" from groove metal Californians High On Fire. Warning: involuntary headbanging is imminent for this high-voltage track off their new album Snakes for the Divine out tomorrow (February 23).

We've still got three more months to wait for Outkast affiliate Janelle Monáe's new release The ArchAndroid to drop on May 18, but "Tightrope" is enough of a teaser to keep us on our toes until then. Monáe's unconventional style shines through on the track and features a Big Boi guest spot and a horn funk closer. For an epic throwback, click over to NYC boogaloo legend Joe Cuba and his sextet. The hit "Bang Bang" provides the infectious Latino rhythms that will get anyone's hips shaking along with the chorus of "Ah! Beep Beep!"

Finally, for those with the short attention span looking for the fast-paced, Healthy Students are your ideal listen. All of their tracks barely pass 60 seconds, but this shortness in "Total Bullshit" just means they pack every second with quality raging vocals and high-powered drums.

Don't miss some of the best tracks off of new and soon-to-be releases. Check out all of these energizers and more in our Click Hear section.