Check Out Hannah Georgas on Exclaim! TV

Check Out Hannah Georgas on Exclaim! TV
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After making the jump from her EP to a debut full-length album, This Is Good, Exclaim!'s May cover artist Hannah Georgas reveals the stylistic differences between them, the course she goes through during songwriting, and the experience of generating the music video for her current single, "Thick Skin." She also discloses what it was like to endure hours of crawling nude in freezing cold mud for the sake of art.

And remember to recap on some more recent episodes, like when the Weakerthans guitarist Stephen Carroll geared up to discuss the indie rockers' first live album, Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre. Or revisit Jason Collett's trip to Garageland where he discuses his Rat A Tat Tat.

Also still up for your viewing pleasure are our episodes featuring metalcore legends Coalesce, as well as former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Melissa Auf der Mar.

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