Check Out 'Drive Angry,' 'Platoon' and 'The Roots of Rocksteady' in our DVD Roundup

Check Out 'Drive Angry,' 'Platoon' and 'The Roots of Rocksteady' in our DVD Roundup
Not sure which movies to watch this week? Well, just take a look at the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section to learn more about your options. Here's just a sneak peak at what you can find there.

It's always nice to start things off with guns, fast cars and a little bit of dark satanic ritual, and that's exactly what you'll get out of Drive Angry (pictured). Nicolas Cage stars in this cheesy special-effects-filled flick as a man hunting down a cult who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. And, yes, as you'd expect from director Patrick Lussier, this is a 3D Blu-ray.

We also have a bunch of entries on the horror/thriller front for you this week, including the French horror film Prey. Check that one out to find out how a family of hunters fare as they track down a crazed, oversized boar on a killing spree. If you would rather see something a little bit more apocalyptic, we have you covered there too. Vanishing on 7th Street follows four apocalypse survivors -- a nurse, a move theatre projectionist, a television reporter and a young boy -- as they try to stay alive while hiding out in an abandoned bar. And for something completely different, you can check out Rubber, a film about a destructive, and possibly misunderstood, tire that can blow up anything, or anyone, that gets in its way.

Next, we have Down Terrace, a dark comedy about a criminal father and son duo and what happens to them after they're released from prison. And if you're interested in seeing Charlie Sheen in the days when he was known for more than just "winning," we also have the 25th anniversary edition of Platoon.

But if it's a little bit of music history you're looking for, The Roots of Rocksteady highlights the music and emotion behind the short-lived, but undeniably influential, Jamaican rocksteady scene of the mid-'60s.

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