Check Out the Darcys, B.A. Johnston and Colin Fisher on Exclaim! TV

Check Out the Darcys, B.A. Johnston and Colin Fisher on Exclaim! TV
If you haven't been keeping a close eye, we have a chunck of new video content for you to check out at Exclaim! TV. There were three exclusive performances that took place at the Exclaim! HQ, as well as a couple of accompanying questionnaires, which are all now available for your viewing pleasure.

First up, we have an exclusive performance from Hamilton, ON native B.A. Johnston. His performance on the Exclaim! Lower Deck was both captivating and hilarious, as Johnston sings (or ad-libs) lyrics about pirate booty and stealing steaks. Check it out.

Next up, we have a performance from Toronto's the Darcys (pictured), as well as a video interview with the band who are currently garnering much well-deserved buzz. Their performances of "Shaking Down the Old Bones" and "Don't Bleed Me" features the group playing with a condensed lineup. The following interview reveals info regarding their new release, which is due out this fall.

And last but not least, we have another performance and interview combo. Also a Toronto native, Colin Fisher performs an improvisational set on the Exclaim! Upper Deck. Along with the performance, Fisher took the time to discusses such topics as Nick Cave and what his funeral soundtrack would be. Watch both of these performance and interview videos now.

Be sure to check out all of the above videos and many more exclusive interviews and performances over at the Exclaim! TV page.