Cheap Time Prep New Album for In the Red, Release Rarities Comp

Cheap Time Prep New Album for In the Red, Release Rarities Comp
Aside from a few singles, Tennessee garage punk group Cheap Time only have one album under their belts. Since releasing their self-titled record in 2008, frontman Jeffrey Novak surprised us with his excellent After the Ball release last year. Now, he's returning to his band for a new album called Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations).

According to a press release, the recording of Fantastic Explanations was quite a tumultuous experience, as "tracking for the album ended abruptly after engineer Mike McHugh suffered a breakdown and kicked the band out of the studio at gunpoint." It took Cheap Time a full month to retrieve the recordings. When they did, they had the album mixed by ex-Sparks member Earle Mankey (who has produced records for the Quick and the Runaways). The resulting record contains "more complex structures and melodies than ever before" and is being touted as the band's strongest effort to date.

Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) will be released by In the Red on October 5. Brief snippets of album tracks can be streamed here, and you can listen to the full version of "Woodland Drive" at the band's MySpace page.

 In addition to the new record, Cheap Time have just self-released Two and a Half Times Around, a compilation of in-studio radio performances and demos. The LP is limited to 500 copies and can be purchased here.

Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations):

1. "When Tomorrow Comes"
2. "Everyone Knows"
3. "I'd Rather Be Alone"
4. "Throwing It All Away"
5. "Down The Tube"
6. "Showboat"
7. "Miss Apparent"
8. "June Child"
9. "Woodland Drive"
10. "Lazy Days"
11. "Approximately Nowhere"
12. "Waiting Too Long"